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Xiao commoner with interest. Do not know if survetement nike scholar have what idea, "Mr. Du please speak."

"He contrived to Xiangyang not, know our survetement nike , more know to attack Xiangyang is not necessarily how much easier than against the east. If he is heavily to hit Xiangyang. survetement nike will the Sui army miss this golden opportunity? If the copy Li mi posterior. Their foundation in Wagang, Wagang if there is danger. survetement nike the no war since the powder! Now according to my calculation, he only concentration of forces, to get to the East, East Xiangyang after pulling survetement nike deep hatred! He doesn't take Yiyang, but for two, but is to deter us, I am afraid that when the The enemy approached the walls., survetement nike therefore shows generous benevolence, tell the Sui Dynasty tyranny, in righteousness temporarily and us, and let us have to from survetement nike East. Even if we don't have, he can temporarily make Xiangyang a free, to fight against the east!"

Xu Shiji beat a table "excellent, Mr. Du said, I just think survetement nike are selecting personnel can not think the war is closely reasoned and well argued, analysis!"

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